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Premiere of Cam to Cam Chats – Show Me Your Penis’ Live!

Morning all! Happy Sunday! No camshow today – I am tweaking an all new member benefit software that I just added to the best f’in website in the world run by a Norwegian that drives a Corvette! Yes, by huge demand – I have set up CAM TO CAM chats for the members of

What does that mean? If you should so desire during the chats, I can see you – and you can see me! Cam to Cam. Want to show off what you are packing? No problem! Better yet – this is FREE to members of You would likely pay $6.00 a minute at other sites just to watch.

So….. to ‘blast’ off the new chats….

Monday – 3/30

LIVE CAMSHOW @5.00pm est
LIVE CAM TO CAM @6.15pm est

If you want to stay anonymous and just watch… that is cool too! Join today and reserver your ticket.


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Tactical Camo Gear!

Well sure it may look a bit flashy but WTF!!!!….. a bit of brown camo and you can speed through the autobahn undetected in the all new Vette Nation Army radar defying pimp mobile tactical chick magnet.

This type of stealthy equipment is important…….. depending on what kind of packages you are carrying.

I am thinking about making this standard issue depending on how much is in the budget line item for ‘Things that we don’t need but don’t give a shit because it would be awesome to try and it would be killer if it works out since we just want a new toy’ (if you have been following the news, John McCain would be proud to support this particular piece of machinery).

For more toys and other equipment…… check me out here……


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Tons of HOT XBiz Award Pics

If you can handle any more of these XBiz pics, lol, here ya go! Lot’s of hotties in here – and I got all their numbers! It does not suck to be me!

Click on Shyla Stylez to see more!

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