The First Ever ‘Member is the Cameraguy Camshow’ – Friday!

One of every members dreams is coming true on Friday…. instead of watching a camshow, being present and filming it! I decided to reward a long time member, Walt from El Paso with filming a camshow live. I hope he is ‘up’ for the task! I drove to El Paso, am showing up at his trailer, and handing him the camcorder….. LIVE for THOUSANDS of watching people around the world!! Want to cheer Walt on? Will he shake, catch all the action or collapse from all the stress of shooting pornography for the Vette Nation?

Come cheer Walt on! Live camshow, Friday the 3rd @ 5pm est. Join the silliest website in the world….. or at least in El Paso. Join today.

One comment to The First Ever ‘Member is the Cameraguy Camshow’ – Friday!

  • Benny  says:

    You go Walt! I’ll be watching and cheering you on!

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