Show Sara Jay some Love!

My girl Sara Jay is doing her first ever feature this thursday, Jan 22 in New York City… The Bronx actually… if you are anywhere near there go and say hello to her! She is a little nervous… 🙂


2 comments to Show Sara Jay some Love!

  • Laura Jeb And Sue  says:

    Johnny Boy NYC,

    We are sure you will win “30 minutes with Sara Jay No Rules….!”

    We want the details!


  • Anthony Kennerson  says:

    Way to go, Sara!!

    But I was about to say…what the hell happened to your nipples??

    Oh, wait….that’s the pixellation of the promo poster working?? Oh….never mind.

    Couldn’t the Players’ Club had made a non-pixellated photo for the adult blogs and sites?? I mean, this isn’t MySpace or Facebook, right??



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