Happy ThanksGiving Everyone!

Make sure you do a lot of exercise to work off the 5000-10000 calories you are going to eat today! Hehehe…. Would you like a leg?

Or Breast?

No reason to be alone on thanksgiving people! We  are live every single day!  Last night was Carmen Valentina, today is crazy Angelina Castro telling you an outlandish ThanksGiving story at 6 pm EST, then tomorrow night Sara Jay is doing a BLACK FRIDAY special, Saturday night Shanda Fay will be stuffing someone, and Sunday I will be the one getting stuffed! We never stop here at the VNA! Join now!

Click here for for details and a free sample!

3 comments to Happy ThanksGiving Everyone!

  • WILLIAM ROSE  says:

    Vicky i prefer the whole Bird :O)

  • MILF Lover  says:

    Can I take both leg and breast? lol

  • Vickyfan  says:

    If I see you standing there with your black mini dress, I would like to come from behind with my large full erected cock and give you a hard cum shot deep, really very deep, into your hot and wet pussy!

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