Carmen and Gabby christened our studio!

They popped the cherry on our new place, we just had it painted and carpeted, and have just barely started moving some furniture into the place and wouldn’t you know it those two horny girls ran over there and fucked on the very first chair I brought in! lol…. Yep the new VNA “HEAD”quarters is becoming a reality. 2500 Square feet of porn making studio and office is nearly ready! We just had fiber optic internet and telephone installed last week. Lookout world! A lot of awesome super wankable material coming your way!

2 comments to Carmen and Gabby christened our studio!

  • mrac  says:

    Can’t wait to see what developes. Great way to open the studio.

  • Curvy Celebs Pictures  says:

    Can’t wait for the launch 😀

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