Ariel Peterporn, Cut Tari, An Indonesian Sex Tape, Twitter…. and Vicky Vette

Some things on the internet cannot be explained. A couple of years ago I wrote a blog about a band called ‘VickyVette’ in Indonesia. Evidently I was honored by a group in Indonesia calling themselves ‘VickyVette’ and that I have quite a few fans in that part of the world (go figure a Norwegian pornstar in the USA would become that well known in Indonesia a country that rarely makes news unless it involves Islamic bombs or potential Tsunami’s).

I have mixed feelings about twitter…. a pornstar publicists worst nightmare (tweets about the xanax you took in the morning are not exactly sexy). While everyone in adult has twitter accounts, twitter for porn still has not exactly gone mainstream. Paris Hilton has over 2 million followers on twitter and the most any pornstar has is around 50,000. Having said that, I decided to finally embrace what twitter has to offer and have tried to work it into what I do online. Sooooo…. when I got up Tuesday morning I noticed that there was a Trending Topic ‘Ariel Peterporn’. For those of you that do not use Trending Topics… it is an indication what everyone on twitter is chattering about. This peaked my interest. I mean, it could have said ‘Oil Spill’ or ‘Celtics/Lakers’…. but no, it said….’Ariel Peterporn’.

I did a quick google search and found out ‘Ariel Peterporn’ is a huge scandal in Indonesia involving a sex tape. Ariel is the singer of a famous Indonesian pop band (Peterpan) who allegedly was having sex with the hottest girls in Indonesia and filming it (Cut Tari being one of those girls). As often times with sex tapes….. if you leave your sex tapes in an unsafe place… someone puts it on the internet. Ariel’s laptop was stolen/lost, and his sex with Indonesia’s hottest stars is spreading like wildfire on the net.

I tweeted something I thought was funny…. along the lines of ‘I wanted to see the Ariel Peterporn sex tape’. You would think a couple of people from the other side of the world would respond right? Nope! I got deluged… and I mean deluged with responses. So many… that I could not respond. It seems that by some strange internet phenomenon I am very well known in Indonesia. Maybe it is having a band named after me… or maybe Indonesian’s search out adult material since it is banned.. yes banned in their country. It seemed that everything I mentioned about Ariel Peterporn was being chattered throughout Indonesia on blackberries everywhere. I ultimately made the Indonesian news. News link. News link. News Link.

I was sent a link by my twitter friends to get a copy of the infamous sex tape. I checked it out…. a little over 8 minutes of two people having (*shock!*) sex on camera. Why the furor? Why infamous? Indonesia has a ban on porn – let alone their stars having sex on camera. As you all know, I am strongly against censorship…. something that the United States says does not exist because of the First Amendment (but is at this moment prosecuting various folks in the adult world). Hopefully Ariel and Cut will not be put in prison or flogged (yes flogged) for having sex. They deny it is them.

It is an amazing example that in this fragile world of freedom of speech that not everyone has the same rights and privileges that we do. Even in Australia an adult website owner (Abby Winters) had to recently agree to leave the country and go to Holland, for making “objectionable films”. To avoid prison he agreed to move the server to Holland and leave the country himself, and pleaded guilty on two charges. I for one do not take for granted that I have the right to get naked and film myself on camera. In places like Indonesia, those rights do not exist and are punished.

Which brings me to the infamous sex tape. I think Ariel and Cut Tari should not be ashamed of the tape. For the first time ever a scandalous sex tape that is not being released and sold by Vivid for profit!


I am not sure what the furor is over sex tapes. Here in the USA they are coming out every week. If you are a celebrity and DON’T have a sex tape it is a rarity . We seem to be using scandalous sex tapes as a way of perpetuating fame – getting in TMZ, even if it is for a sex tape or going into rehab – is some kind of badge of honor (a last ditch way of keeping your name in the news… at any cost). Do I think the sex tapes I have seen are any good? I can’t say I have seen a good one. Maybe you guys can tell me if you think they are good. What do I think of Ariel and Cut Tari’s sex tape? It is two people having sex who wanted to film it for future enjoyment…. nothing wrong with that. There is no ‘popshot’ at the end… but it was not intended as a porn tape. They are obviously enjoying themselves.

If you see me tweeting in Indonesian… do not be surprised. The amount of chatter coming my way from that part of the world is amazing. The Indonesians have all been extremely polite and… as one person tweeted… at least Indonesia is getting news for more than badminton.

More on this to come I am sure. You can check out my twitter at

Beam me up Scotty! I need some quick lessons on learning Indonesian.

Vicky Vette

62 comments to Ariel Peterporn, Cut Tari, An Indonesian Sex Tape, Twitter…. and Vicky Vette

  • PosRonda  says:

    First Justin Bieber, second Miyabi, then you and Thaiwan news who talk about Ariel. What next?! Obama?! :hammer:

  • selangkangan  says:

    ajak aja tiga tiganya bang gang, luna tari ariel, maknyosss

  • alpha  says:

    Hello Vicky
    do you know NGENTOT ?
    ngentot is very good
    all indonesian people very love ngentot

  • aryo  says:

    Damn can’t wait for you to come to Indonesia.
    I’m always been your fan for a long time.
    And Indonesia is not a terrorist country. You will see for yourself if you come here. You should try Bali. Its Indonesia’s paradise.

  • Bonky  says:

    Hello Vicky, since you comment about peterporn. I search @Google about you.

    I search your movie and lucky got one, wow…you are so hot in that movie. :p

    our country, Indonesia is a plural country. Majority people in Indonesia is Moslem, there is 5 Religions that approved in our country. Sex in our country is a “taboo” topic, many of people in Indonesia refused to talk about it directly. So, yes…internet is a way out to talk about it.

    I hope we can chat sometime, or come to Indonesia maybe? 🙂

  • Raditya Riefananda  says:

    Semangka bangkok

  • lala  says:

    agree with you, vick. but see, cut tari already has a husband. so it’s an adultery and it’s wrong cause she’s then cheated on her husband. but i guess who cares about luna and ariel. they’re mature and has no morality but for tari, it’s so wrong of her

  • SBY  says:

    Only heard about Indonesian in badminton/sunami/bomb? LOL you are good at writing, better you change your job vicky…Don’t let man dig your hole..”_” Love u Vicky

  • f*J*R cashblank  says:

    wel-wel-wellll,.,.,. give him a contract(ariel)

  • ondi  says:

    @Nando Tampubolon not all people live in Indonesia are like you, dude. watch your mouth.

  • ane  says:

    waahhhhhhh kaskus pindah di mari………

  • john begh pook  says:

    indonesia became very famous since this video LoL

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