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Sex With Ron Jeremy.. The Man, The Myth and his Crocs…

This week going to be sooooo much fun with the Nightmoves Show coming up! Nightmoves told me I was going to do some hosting… and I was paired with Ron Jeremy.
(I think the plan is to pair Tory Lane & James Bartholet, Katie Morgan and Evan Stone and me with Ron).


I can’t resist since I know Ron is a good sport making some jokes for the occasion. I mean.. I have had sex with Ron… multiple times. The sex was so good.. he even fell out of bed…


I thought it would be fun to look back on my “Ron” experiences. He is of course one of the most googled if not the most famous adult star to have ever graced this planet. I first met him at Nightmoves 2004… when I was just getting into adult.  I quickly learned that if something had tits, ass and a vagina....

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My Side 3 Interview in Norway is out!

I did this right before I left for the XBiz Awards in all the chaos… lol…–nordmenn-elsker-porno/8530110.html you can insert that link into google translate it should work, not exactly but you can get the gist of it…

Nice to see something come out in Norway about me!

Vicky Vette

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Dooooooome Deauxma!

Just got back from our road trip….. latest video up on the site? “Doooome Deauxma!” In case you guys don’t know Deauxma she is one of the most searched MILFS on Freeones. She has shot with the likes of Brazzers & Reality Kings….. a massive boobed MILF from Texas. I met her for the first time in Los Angeles and we liked each other so much that she is coming to visit me in the first week of June to shoot some more. In the mean time, get to know Deauxma by downloading her video today!!!! You can Dooooome anytime Deauxma!

To download the video, just grab a months membership to the best damn interactive website on the net run by a Viking from Norway with big boobs! Join here!


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