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4K All the Way?! Me… Rubberdoll & Being Drilled in My Ass!

I’ve been shooting adult movies since 2003.  Video cameras then were far less complicated. The ‘top of the line’ wasn’t even HD. When HD came along, I was resistant. Who wants to see every pimple and imperfection up close… especially on a woman? It will ruin ”beauty” and ”fantasy”. After holding out against HD we started filming in that format and… it was better (and I regret waiting a year to dive in). For years we shot in HD and I thought we were done with more ‘resolution’.

So now we have 4K…. 4K??! If HD is amazingly clear at 1920 x 1080…. 4K videos are twice as clear and twice the resolution.  TVs are now 4K and like all things I figured it was a matter of time until porn lovers everywhere wanted 4K rather than HD…

So…..rather than wait, I am happy to say we got a 4K camera...

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A BIG VNA Welcome to Sexy Kimber Lee!

Some of you know ”young” Kimber Lee from a double blowjob live camshow that she did with VNA Girl Cleo for our entertainment a while back (what an introduction!). She also hung out with VNA Girl Sara Jay quite a bit…

Just 21 years ”old” Kimber is hottie with all natural titties who got her start on Chatterbate. She is now raising eyebrows shooting for some of the bigger companies – even a Virtual Reality shoot with VNA Girl Julia Ann.  We kind of took her under our wing here at the VNA Girls… and she has been hanging out with us at conventions with the other girls and members.  The VNA members who come to our fan events all seem to really like Kimber a lot so we decided she should get her own site.  See some pictures below…

I am happy to announce the launch of

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Camshow Voting Jan 2016

I’m proud to present Rebekah Dee with first place! The members voted her a 9.6 score.

Just a pussy hair behind her in #2 was  LoneStar Angel with a 9.5!

Other noteworthy scores:
Sally Dangelo  Average Vote: 10
Brooke Tyler Average Vote: 9.72
Kelley Cabbana Average Vote: 9.71
Carmen Valentina Average Vote: 9.64
Angelina Castro Average Vote: 9.58
Tasha Reign Average Vote: 9.55
Betty Bang XXX  Average Vote: 9.50

(Checks go out by the 10th of the month latest. Model must have 4 shows in calendar month and more than 50 votes in the month to win).

Everyone is a winner though! Do one show per week and your members can share in all the shows on the network! VNA Live is the best ongoing live content trade ever!

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Fanpics – Meeting Fans and Members!

It’s all about you guys the fans and members! We would be nothing without you! Thank you for joining our sites and coming out to the conventions to see us! You rock my world!
A lot of you who come out to conventions are website members. We always give special treatment to the members of the VNA. If you are a member you can hang out as much as you want at the booth and we usually (time permitting) have a members only VNA dinner with the girls convention weekend. Join and come meet us at a convention! We also stream the fun (internet willing) free for members…

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Adultcon Pics – Members With the Girls!

Sorry it took me sooooo long to get these up! It’s been insane ever since we got back from LA. There is just never enough hours in a day, I wish I could clone myself, boy imagine the trouble that could be gotten into then huh? Adultcon, once again was a smash hit for us, we always do so well there. We had a massive booth with 6 girls. It would have been 7 but Gabby got to LA and then had to turn around and go home due to a family hospital emergency. Fran, Carmen, Sara, Angelina, Deauxma and I missed her, but boy we had some fun. We crashed Hooters after the show one day and totally screwed them up, lol.. then of course Sunday night we did our traditional Bullride at Saddleranch. I just posted 175 pics inside the site, but here are a couple of previews for ya!

New girl Angelina with Deauxm...

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New Addition to the Vette Nation! MISS SHANDA FAY!

You have to like girl with a strong wrist! We are continuing to expand, just like your penii! Ha Ha. I am happy to report that Shanda Fay is officially in the Vette Nation. Shanda is a filthy Canadian girl with an even more filthy site…. What is it about Canadians? Anyway…. if you are as mezmerized by this picture as I am, you can get Shanda’s site FREE just by joining my site…..! Shanda is not only interacting with everyone on our members only board BUT, she is DOING A LIVE SHOW TODAY that you can get FREE just by joining here….

So……….. grab your Members Only Pass ($25 bucks a month) and go say hi to the girls of the Vette Nation… me, Sasha, Britney, Shanda, Sunny, Michelle, & Rebecca! PS… I am live on Friday too!


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Tactical Camo Gear!

Well sure it may look a bit flashy but WTF!!!!….. a bit of brown camo and you can speed through the autobahn undetected in the all new Vette Nation Army radar defying pimp mobile tactical chick magnet.

This type of stealthy equipment is important…….. depending on what kind of packages you are carrying.

I am thinking about making this standard issue depending on how much is in the budget line item for ‘Things that we don’t need but don’t give a shit because it would be awesome to try and it would be killer if it works out since we just want a new toy’ (if you have been following the news, John McCain would be proud to support this particular piece of machinery).

For more toys and other equipment…… check me out here……


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