Help! I can’t UNSEE this! XBiz Bikini Contest Time


Yep it’s coming around again! That time of year! The XBiz Summit Bikini and Mankini Contest! If you have a bikini body, contact me to enter! vicky at vettenationlive dot com You will win $500 cash on the spot, be crowned Miss XBiz Summit and be the model for next years advertising! How cool is that!

This years contest will be held during the XBiz Summit at swanky SLS Hotel in Miami Beach on Jun 2 at 6 pm EST! More details and flyer to come!
Last year’s winner! Miss Nikki Rae

Looks like she has done very well since then!

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Why I don’t shop at Walmart

I used to shop at Walmart until a girlfriend who is a manager at Costco forbid me from ever shopping at there. She really enlightened me! She has been a manager there for about 5 years and she makes a decent living. She told me her counterparts at Walmart who have been there 10 years and longer still only make $10 per hour! Who could live off that? Feed their kids?

Walmart is the largest public corporation in the world, with over 50% of the shares still owned by the Walton family. They have over 2 million employees. It is the largest retailer, not just in the USA, not just in North America. It is the largest retailer IN THE WORLD.

11,000 stores in 27 countries, under 55 different names. Think about how much power that is!!

Every year there are about 5000 lawsuits filed against Walmart. That’s 17 new lawsuits per day! That really got me thinking about this, so I researched it some more. My sources are Forbes Magazine, NY Times, CNN, Money Magazine and countless websites.



Walmart is as UnAmerican as you can get. You may as well say that it’s a chinese company that now has a direct pipeline into our livingrooms because you will not find a single product in Walmart that doesn’t have a “made in china” stamp on the bottom. Even all the Florida souvenirs.

If you thought the days of slave labor and sweatshops were over you would be mistaken. In China Walmart employees earn $3 per day & work 7 days a week, & are forced to live in tiny cramped quarters at the factory all so you can buy a cheap toy for your kid. They are trained to lie when human rights inspectors come.

Walmart clothes are produced in Bangledesh by workers 14 hours per day, who get paid 17cents per hour, and brush their teeth with fingers and ashes from the fire because they cannot afford a toothbrush and toothpaste.

In Honduras it’s cheaper to wash the blood off the clothes before they ship them, than it is to buy gloves for the fabric cutters.


Stats prove that Walmart drives down retail wages by 3 billion a year! Walmart stays purposefully short staffed so that everyone is overworked, everyone is asked to work overtime, yet they do not pay overtime. There is a certain amount of work to be done each day by each person, you must stay to finish it, but there is no overtime pay. You have no choice because there are 10 people waiting for this job that you hate. It is common for staff to work 10 – 15 hours extra each week “off the clock”. Full time employees live far below the poverty level.

They are taught by management how to apply for food stamps, how to get on Medicare/Medicaid and how to get subsidized housing. Walmart turns full time hardworking employees into welfare queens.

WHAT THIS MEANS, IS THAT WE (YOU AND ME, THE TAXPAYERS) ARE SUBSIDIZING WALMART’S BUSINESS. They are getting rich on our backs! Are those cheap trinkets worth it? Walmart employees in the USA receive $2.66 billion in government aid each year. These are Full time employees, who work physical sometimes difficult jobs, of a company that makes billions and billions per year, tell their employees to go get food stamps and medicaid, and apply for housing subsidies. How ridiculous!!!!!!!The reason people work is so they can be self sufficient and take proper care of themselves and their families, why work if you still have to get food stamps!!!! How degrading! No dignity, no pride, why bother working then? All they ask for is a livable wage and healthcare, that is pretty basic isn’t it?


You will be fired if you ever even say the word UNION. There is only one store in the history of Walmart in North America that successfully formed a union. It is in the province of Quebec. Once the union was formed, Walmart closed the store, citing economic reasons. The union took them to court and won, so Walmart said it would give them all their jobs back at other non-unionized stores. Pretty slick huh? All the other stores in the province who were trying to start unions gave up.


All Mom and Pop stores go out of business after Walmart moves into a town. I went into a local pool supply store that was closing and asked him. “How does a pool supply store go out of business in Florida? Everyone here has a pool!” He said “Everyone goes to Walmart now. They come to my store and spend 20 minutes asking me how all the pool pumps work, how the chemicals work, I educate them, and then they leave my store and go straight to Waltmart to buy everything at my cost, so I can’t pay my rent.

Walmart has 0 service and 0 knowledgable staff, but who cares, as long as it’s cheap right? It’s an established fact that when Walmart comes to town, the property values go down. Because everyone knows there will be lots of empty stores shortly that cannot be leased or sold….

When they contemplate moving into a town, the city council gives them free sewers, free water, no taxes, infrastructure, parking, roads, no tax for 2 years, all kinds of grants given to them. They don’t give this to smaller businesses. Who can compete against that? Why are we paying them to come in and destroy and desroy our towns? Illogical? 

One town gave Walmart 150 million dollars while it closed down 3 schools.

Another gave 50 million to Walmart to entice them while it shut down all the fire departments! Yeah! Let’s eliminate policemen, firemen, and teachers, eliminate parks and recreation completely and give all that money to walmart, what a great idea! WTF! Then in some cases, just when they are about to start paying taxes they move! Just over the property line of the city!

Nationwide in a typical year Walmart receives over $1 billion dollars in subsidies, (imagine what that money could be used for instead of giving it to Walmart who doesn’t need it?) Add that to the over $2.66 billion a year it costs us in medicaid, housing, food stamps etc… Still think buying cheap chinese products is worth it?



In conclusion I want you to think about where you spend your money. You have a choice! Is cheap underwear so important that was a society we are willing to sacrifice our quality of life? Do you want to give your hard earned money to an organization that puts profit before people? Go to Costco instead! If you still shop at Walmart after reading this, I hope you feel really really guilty and ashamed because you should. You are helping to destroy our country.

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What does St. Patricks Day mean to me?

Well it used to mean green beer and parades and bars and getting shitfaced! Yes my last drunk was back in 1986. I started off at a parade with friends, and woke up 3 days later in a part of town I had never been before. I had vague recollections of shots, dancing topless, different bars, being in taxi’s, going outside a bar in the middle of the day and being surprised that it was daylight, squinting in pain and getting drunker, thinking I was a big shot snorting coke through rolled up 100 dollar bills. I hadn’t eaten for 3 days. I was out of control. My fiancee had the police out looking for me. It wasn’t the first time it had happened.

But it was the last. I had hurt so many people that I cared about. I wanted to kill myself. As I sat there alone, sick and hung over as hell, with a knife in front of me, pondering if I would have the physical and mental strength to slit my own throat (I wasn’t going to mess around with slitting wrists, I wanted to be sure it would work), a little voice inside me said “you dumb bitch, don’t you know you only end up like this when you are drunk? why don’t you use the one brain cell you have left and call AA?”

You are not gonna believe this but I opened up the phone book and by chance it was to the correct page where AA was listed! CO-INCIDENCE? I think not! This nice girl came over, ( a former heroine addict) and held my head and chatted to me while I puked. I went to a meeting with her that night, and the next night, and every night after that for the next 90 days.

I have never looked back. I never want to drink ever again and I never have. My worst worst worst day ever sober, is still better than my best best best day drunk. I can’t believe I have been sober for 29 YEARS!

So that is what St. Patricks Day reminds me of! A good ole “REMEMBER WHEN….. ” Don’t get me wrong, I still love to go out, and get crazy, I’ll still dance naked, lol… .but I remember it the next day and don’t get arrested and don’t kill anyone… lol… Maybe I’ll have some green nearbeer today….

Enjoy the pics! Kisses all over your Shamrock!







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Maximum Maggie Green signs with VNA!

For Immediate Release:

Vicky Vette is happy to announce the signing of Maggie Green ( & @MaggieGreenLive) to the popular Vette Nation Army (VNA) Network.  Known for her large 32G all natural chest and based in Michigan, Maggie got her start in adult with & Score.  A newly designed Official Site is being built and will be launched in the coming weeks.  A splash page for the coming site is located at

Maggie is the 19th girl to join the VNA lineup that includes other established stars such as Julia Ann, Nikki Benz, Puma Swede, Sara Jay, Charlee Chase, Deauxma, Siri and others.  Maggie has shot hardcore content for Scoreland, Reality Kings, and Naughty America among others.
Maggie Green is quoted as saying: “I am excited to join Vicky & VNA and can’t wait for the new site to be rolled out. There are not a lot of companies in adult with the ability to promote to the masses.  It’s nice to be part of a hard working team dedicated to the fans and helping the girls.  A lot of fans still don’t know I shoot hardcore boy/girl content – that’s about to hopefully change.”
Vicky Vette adds: ”We are expanding the VNA network this year with more sites & more girls.  Maggie is one of the girls we have always had our eye on because of her popularity on cam (not to mention her chest… I mean personality).  We have a lineup of very busty MILFS in the VNA, BUT…. you can never have enough bazookas.  I now have one of the smallest chests in the VNA (lol).”
Vicky Vette was named by AVN as one of the Top 30 Women Power Players in Adult and is a two time XBIZ Webstar of the Year Winner.

Maggie Green can be reached for comment at


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Test post

This is my very first post from my phone! Testing out mobile wordpress!


Gonna go for a run tonight once it cools off! This guy needs his exercise!

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BTS Clip from Adultcon 25!

Despite completely getting screwed over and not getting the tables, chairs and garbage cans that we paid for, our Adultcon was a resounding success! Check out this bts footage! If you were anywhere near LA this past weekend and missed us you should be ashamed!

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Me on Playboy TV!

Talking about how I teamed up with Doc Johnson!

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Adultcon #25 Los Angeles Feb 27-Mar 1

This is a reprint from the AVN article about it.

After a Year’s Hiatus, Adultcon Returns to LA Convention Center
Posted Mar 02nd, 2015 01:50 PM by Mark Kernes

LOS ANGELES—This past weekend saw the return of Adultcon to the Los Angeles Conventon Center, albeit in a somewhat smaller room than previously—but hey, the economy still sucks for most of us, so what can you do?

This year’s event crowded roughly 80 booths into the 20,000-square-foot space that is Concourse Hall—and that’s not counting the VIP area at the back of the hall that cost a slight premium to enter, with Ron Jeremy’s booth right by the entrance and the Vette National Army (VNA) wrestling ring just opposite. We’re not sure about who else populated that ring throughout the day, but on Saturday afternoon, it was standing room only for the Carmen Valentina/Its Cleo bout, and everyone seemed to want to capture the festivities on their cellphones or other cameras.

The VNA booth was arguably the biggest porn star-related booth at the show, with a presence in two back-to-back aisles, and its inhabitants included the aforementioned Cleo, as well as Vicky Vette herself, Sara Jay, Bobby Eden, Sunny Lane, Gabby Quinteros, Samantha Grace, Rita Daniels and Maggie Green. Not far behind, space-wise, was the LA Direct Models booth, also a back-to-backer, and when we walked by, it was featuring starlets Hope Howell, Morgan Lee, Onyx Muse, Tasha Reign, Abby Lee Brazil, Adriana Chechik and Rachele Richey. We also saw a booth for XL Models with plenty of gold-colored furniture for attendees to use to rest for a few minutes.

Stoney Curtis’s Lethal Hardcore brand had a corner booth, with the director himself enticing attendees to pony up a few bucks to join the company’s fan club and attend a live taping of a “futuristic hardcore adult feature movie” titled The Procreation Game. Aiding in the enticement were stars Laela Pryce and Talon, and the flyer for the event also announced the participation of stars Brooklyn Chase, Kelsi Monroe, Anikka Albrite, Noelle Easton, Riley Reid, Maddy O’Reilly, Jenna Ivory, Evan Stone, Marco Banderas and Tony Ribas.

Other stars and would-be stars with booths (and, occasionally, a bed as well) included Jessica Ryan, Yurizan Beltran, Nikita Pea, Jelly Ranger, Sarah Vandella, Sheridan Love, Tia Kai, Lexxi Lash (at which the legendary Herschel Savage was also signing), the equally legendary Karen Summer, Gianna Michaels, Austin White (whose booth featured a caged woman and a bondage cross), Carli Montana, Capri Cavanni, Nikki Delano, Jaded Dawn, Carissa Montgomery, Aurora Kett, Mandy Candy, Alex Chance, Rebecca Love, Anastasia Pierce—and right next to her, Jewell Marceau at her Crowned Jewell Productions booth.

One of the larger DVD/Blu-ray sellers at the show was Eric John, whose webcam work with dozens of female performers for his company, Erotique Entertainment, has been released by Zero Tolerance’s Fallout Films label—but John wasn’t biased: He was also stocking plenty of titles from other companies, most notably Hustler.

We would have been interested to know more about the Iron Horse Productions company, but sadly, no one was manning its booth during our time at the convention.

Interestingly, several attorneys were also exhibitors at the convention, though none with names familiar to longtime adult industry followers. Also near the entrance to the convention hall was Lil’ Zeke’s Bail Bonds, a company with which some industry personnel may be more familiar. Likewise on tap: at least one dental clinic, one booth hawking wrinkle cream, a couple of booths selling trips to exotic places like Catalina Island and Hawaii, several booths selling lingerie… and Cutting Edge Testing (C.E.T.) for all one’s pre-performance testing needs.

And what would an Adultcon be without the pot people? One of the larger booths at the show belonged to Incognito, a purveyor of fine bongs and glass pipes, and not far away was the OG Smoke Shops of Azusa and Temple City. And then there was the Highgasm booth, which sold hemp-based edible personal lubricant (with “25mg pure cannabis essence”) in flavors like Cock-o-nut and Blowberry.

Other interesting exhibitors included Fusion Design, with artists drawing caricatures of any attendee willing to pay the modest fee, while several booths away was Popeye Wong, who sold “good girl art” t-shirts, prints and mouse pads. Sadly, we didn’t get the name of the poster vendor with plenty of art posters featuring comicbook characters and sexy models, nor the folks selling new and used sexy books (many published by Taschen), action figures and magazines. Also on the floor: the, which sold bondage and fetish gear, floggers of various sorts, glass dildos and vibrators.

And of course, what would an adult convention be without the religious folks assuring us that we’ll all go to hell unless we repent? Shelley Lubben’s Pink Cross Foundation made an appearance, though Shelley herself wasn’t there when we passed, and then there was JC’s Girls at the Rock Church, but we didn’t engage in conversation with either exhibitor.

We spotted the convention’s owner, Renaud West, busily taking care of matters both on the exhibit floor and at the ticket counter, and chatted with him for a few minutes. He said he’s happy to have the show back in Los Angeles, and said that attendance was shaping up to be higher than ever.

I personally have a lot more to say about this event, I feel like I need to vent, but I have so much work to do after being gone for a week that it will have to wait! Enjoy some pics in the meantime!





I have a couple of hundred pics and some video to post, got the bull riding vids too! You should see the bruises on my inner thighs to show for it!

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Twitter Fan Give Away Contest To Celebrate

Adult Superstar and internet phenom Vicky Vette ( & & adult toy manufacturer Doc Johnson ( announce the worldwide release of the all new “Vicky Quickie – Double Ender”, a handheld adults-only lifelike molding straight from the Viking Vixen’s pussy and ass – using Doc Johnson’s patented UR3® material (Ultra Realistic 3.0; non-phthalate TPE with antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula). This is the fourth exclusive product released by Doc Johnson featuring Vette, the other four being the “Vicky Quickie Vagina”, the “Ultra Realistic Pussy & Ass” “Vicky Quickie – Blowjob Sucker” & ”Love Doll”. All are now available in adult toy stores as well as through online retailers like Amazon and Adam & Eve.

Of her newest Doc Johnson product Vicky Vette says: “It’s nice to know Doc Johnson could squeeze my pussy AND ass into one compact box (lol). It’s an honor to be a part of the Doc Johnson family – bar none the best adult toy manufacturer in the business. Fans love the fantasy of using these products and it’s a genuine thrill whenever I see something new released by the Doc to the world. It’s nice to be able to say my ass is now totally handy….or my vagina… depending on your mood. (he he).”
5420 06 bu 31541.1417203624.1280

To celebrate the launch, fans are invited to participate in a Twitter contest. Fans should tweet to @VickyVette and @theOriginalDoc what they would do with a Double Ender if they won one. The best five tweets with the hashtag #DoubleEnder submitted by Friday February 13, 5pm PAC, as selected by Doc Johnson, will win a free new Double Ender (must be over 18 and follow @VickyVette and @theOriginalDoc to qualify).

5420 06 bu1 23544.1417203624.1280

Vicky Vette adds: ”Who says Friday the 13th has to be unlucky? Win the contest and if you don’t have a Valentine, you can take my Double Ender on a romantic date. lol.”


Vicky Vette is a two time XBIZ Webstar of the Year (2012 and 2013), Miss Freeones 2012 & Hall of Fame recipient from Nightmoves. She won the 2014 AVN for Best Solo Girl Website and 2014 XBIZ Award for Best Performer Website. One of the most followed adult stars on twitter with over 700,000 followers, she runs the popular VNA Girls Network of Pornstar sites with stars such as Nikki Benz, Puma Swede, Julia Ann, Sara Jay and others (

Chad Braverman, COO of Doc Johnson, says “We are overjoyed to continue our relationship with Vicky; she remainss one of the best-known figures in the adult industry today and we are happy to have her in our family of stars. The new product is molded directly from Vicky’s body and is a Doc Johnson exclusive. We are also proud that all of the products we’ve created with Vicky Vette, including this new masturbator, are made in America from our proprietary UR3® material, and designed for the most realistic experience.”
Vicky Vette will be next appearing at Adultcon, Los Angeles, February 27, 28 and March 1. She will premiere the new Double Ender and have it ”handy” to show fans.
Vicky Vette can be reached for comment at:

For more information on Doc Johnson, visit and @theOriginalDoc.
” XBIZ Webstar of the Year 2015 Nominated
” AVN Best Solo Girl Website – Vickyathome 2015 – Nominated
” AVN Best Solo Girl Website – Vickyathome 2014
” XBIZ Best Performer Website – Vickyathome 2014
” Nightmoves Best Boobs Winner – Fans Choice 2014
” XBIZ Web Babe of the Year 2014 – Nominated
” XBIZ Best Performer Site of the Year 2014 – Nominated
” AVN Top 30 Women Power Players in Adult 2013
” XBIZ Web Babe of the Year 2013
” XBIZ Best Website Nomination 2013
” Nightmoves Hall of Fame 2012
” AVN – Best Solo Girl Website Nomination 2013
” XBiz Web Babe of the Year 2012
” Most Followed Norwegian in the World on Twitter
” Top 100 Newsmakers in Adult 2011 as named by XBIZ
” AVN – Best Solo Girl Website Nomination 2012
” Fame Registry Nomination 2011 Best MILF,
” Winner 2011 Sexy Webmistress, Social Network Sensation
” Nightmoves Winner 2011 Best Web Presence
” AVN Nomination Best Web Star 2011
” XBIZ Nominee Best MILF Website 2011
” Star of Mainstream Indonesian Movie – “Pacar Hantu Perawan” (only 3rd adult star to have an Indonesian movie)
” FreeOnes Best OCSM 2011
” Miss Freeones Runner up 2011
” Fame Registry Most Popular Star Website 2010
” Fame Registry Milf of the Year 2010
” Miss Freeones Runner up 2010
” Milf of the Year nominee by XFans 2010
” Nightmoves Favorite Milf Performer 2010
” XBiz Webstarlet of the Year Nominee 2010
” XBiz Webstarlet of the Year Nominee 2009
” FAME Nominee Best Star Website 2009
” Booble Girl of Year 2008
” Miss March Myspace USA 2008
” Miss Feb Booble 2008
” Miss March Booble 2007
” Exotic Dancer (Club Owner Favorite) Nomination 2006
” AVN Nomination – Best Solo Sex Scene 2006
” AVN Nomination Best New Performer 2005
” AVN – Best Tease 2005

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XBiz Red Carpet!

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