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Weathermen Suck

me at the beach


I made travel plans to go to South Carolina to a resort. I got a great deal at the last minute because a family had canceled their trip to their three bedroom villa likely because of the threat of Hurricanes Hanna & Ike being tracked by the weather service from Africa. So all my friends said I should be careful and maybe I should not go. Now I realize that there was a tragedy in New Orleans and the surrounding areas suffered misery (in part because the local officials did the wrong things at the wrong time) – does that now mean that every time there is a storm our local officials are going to order evacuations and the news has to go overboard ‘just in case’? T

he entire news team of America went to the beaches...

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A band called Vicky Vette?

vicky vette milf cop

….. and I was going to call my band “Vicky Vette”

Cheap Trick, Def Leppard, Motley Crue the Killers, the Police, the Rolling Stones, all great names…. but a band called ‘Vicky Vette’ – even I would not call a band I was in ‘Vicky Vette’….. but evidently a band has!

Yes….. I came across this band on myspace in Indonesia called…. ‘Vicky Vette’

Now I have no idea if in Indonesia Vicky Vette means something else other than a 43 year old Milf shooting adult movies, or if they are allowed to watch adult movies in that part of the world, but I wonder if the group that calls themselves Vicky Vette does not mention me in their profile……hmmmm time to be their friend I think! Maybe I should appoint them the official group of the Vette Nation...

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Learning how to blog….

I am aiming my gun at you! It is locked and loaded!

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Press Release from AVN

Vicky Vette Inks T-Shirt Deal with Loud Merchandising

By: David Sullivan

Posted: 09/12/2008

ATLANTA – Super-MILF Vicky Vette has announced New Jersey-based Loud Merchandise as the official T-shirt manufacturer for her fan club Vette Nation Army.

“I am happy to announce my first ever T-shirt/clothing line with Loud,” said Vicky. “Mike from Loud got in contact with me by sending me a message through My Space. Usually, the guys write asking to have sex with me. Mike was different, though; he asked to have sex and offered to design and produce a clothing line!”

Fresh off her victory in the Booble Girl of the Year competition, Vicky plans to develop a complete Vette Nation Army product line with Loud in the coming months for both men and women.

“Now all the hubbies out there will have somethin...

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