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Bad Press

Thanks for Getting Me a Bunch of Bad Press Vette Nation

Alright which one of you is responsible? This is taking the Vette Nation too far and getting some bad press………. off the wires….

vette nation gone too far!

“World police are searching for one or more Vicky Vette fans responsible for the vandalism of some of the worlds most famous artwork! Has the Vette Nation become obsessed? Vicky Vette was reached by VNN for a comment: ‘When I said let’s show the world how popular the Vette Nation is…. someone took it a bit far!’ Police do not know if the the attacks on world artwork are the doing of just one Vette freak or an carefully orchestrated group of fanatics. Says, Jack Meehoff of Scotland Yard: ‘Keep your eyes out for any men with a bulge in their pockets at your local museums’”

Try to be a b...

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I am not Laura!


It has come to my attention that the good people at some dating websites – you know the ones – where you click see ads for girls and guys supposedly living down the street from you, hot, making tons of money, down to earth but firty, single and with a great smile…. have been doing me the honor of using my picture in fake profiles all over the place.

No, I have never used the names Laura or Karen – I do not live down the street from you, and I am certainly not 24, 31, or 37 (as some of the profiles say). Sorry to bum you out but I am not seeking a date in Cleveland, Dallas or Los Angeles under a fake name.
Vicky Vette is not Laura
On a serious note, I really am not a fan of the dating websites...

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Longest Tongue Twisters

So someone posted on my members only board supposedly the world’s longest word…..supposedly, the longest word on earth is from Finland and is as follows

61 characters and translates approximately to technical warrant officer trainee specialized in aircraft jet engines. This word has actually been in use in the Finnish Air Force.

While messing around today on Myspace I threw out the question what is the longest…. tongue twister out there…. and so far got the following:


I am wondering if that is the best we can do for the longest word in either the English language or foreign language.. I googled pneumonoul…....

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Weathermen Suck

me at the beach


I made travel plans to go to South Carolina to a resort. I got a great deal at the last minute because a family had canceled their trip to their three bedroom villa likely because of the threat of Hurricanes Hanna & Ike being tracked by the weather service from Africa. So all my friends said I should be careful and maybe I should not go. Now I realize that there was a tragedy in New Orleans and the surrounding areas suffered misery (in part because the local officials did the wrong things at the wrong time) – does that now mean that every time there is a storm our local officials are going to order evacuations and the news has to go overboard ‘just in case’? T

he entire news team of America went to the beaches...

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A band called Vicky Vette?

vicky vette milf cop

….. and I was going to call my band “Vicky Vette”

Cheap Trick, Def Leppard, Motley Crue the Killers, the Police, the Rolling Stones, all great names…. but a band called ‘Vicky Vette’ – even I would not call a band I was in ‘Vicky Vette’….. but evidently a band has!

Yes….. I came across this band on myspace in Indonesia called…. ‘Vicky Vette’

Now I have no idea if in Indonesia Vicky Vette means something else other than a 43 year old Milf shooting adult movies, or if they are allowed to watch adult movies in that part of the world, but I wonder if the group that calls themselves Vicky Vette does not mention me in their profile……hmmmm time to be their friend I think! Maybe I should appoint them the official group of the Vette Nation...

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Learning how to blog….

I am aiming my gun at you! It is locked and loaded!

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Press Release from AVN

Vicky Vette Inks T-Shirt Deal with Loud Merchandising

By: David Sullivan

Posted: 09/12/2008

ATLANTA – Super-MILF Vicky Vette has announced New Jersey-based Loud Merchandise as the official T-shirt manufacturer for her fan club Vette Nation Army.

“I am happy to announce my first ever T-shirt/clothing line with Loud,” said Vicky. “Mike from Loud got in contact with me by sending me a message through My Space. Usually, the guys write asking to have sex with me. Mike was different, though; he asked to have sex and offered to design and produce a clothing line!”

Fresh off her victory in the Booble Girl of the Year competition, Vicky plans to develop a complete Vette Nation Army product line with Loud in the coming months for both men and women.

“Now all the hubbies out there will have somethin...

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