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Sex With Ron Jeremy.. The Man, The Myth and his Crocs…

This week going to be sooooo much fun with the Nightmoves Show coming up! Nightmoves told me I was going to do some hosting… and I was paired with Ron Jeremy.
(I think the plan is to pair Tory Lane & James Bartholet, Katie Morgan and Evan Stone and me with Ron).


I can’t resist since I know Ron is a good sport making some jokes for the occasion. I mean.. I have had sex with Ron… multiple times. The sex was so good.. he even fell out of bed…


I thought it would be fun to look back on my “Ron” experiences. He is of course one of the most googled if not the most famous adult star to have ever graced this planet. I first met him at Nightmoves 2004… when I was just getting into adult.  I quickly learned that if something had tits, ass and a vagina....

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This is why we do it!

My last post was about haters… this post is about lovers! lol… This is why we do what we do, because of the fans who love us and we love them back!


Best Boobs!! Fans Choice?! ….. quick shout out to all the fans who voted for my boobs to come out in first place in the Nightmoves Award. Fittingly a fan made this graphic so I thought I would share it here. Thanks for supporting my boobs and supporting my website with your memberships. It REALLY means a lot to me and helps me make more and more porn for you guys! xoxo Vicky.

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