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5 Years In The VNA…I Love Angelina Castro!

About 5 years ago, Sara Jay told me about this popular Cuban/American girl based in Miami that we should add to the VNA Girls Network. I really wasn’t sure to make of Angelina at first… super hot but what did I know about Cuban booty and if it was going to be a hit with the fans.  There was something about her personality (and huge tits) that convinced me… and in September 2011 was launched.

It was almost an instant hit with the fans which took me by surprise. Angelina is one savvy girl who is not only active on social media on her twitter and instagram but also making huge inroads on Spanish mainstream TV...

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Camshow Voting Jan 2016

I’m proud to present Rebekah Dee with first place! The members voted her a 9.6 score.

Just a pussy hair behind her in #2 was  LoneStar Angel with a 9.5!

Other noteworthy scores:
Sally Dangelo  Average Vote: 10
Brooke Tyler Average Vote: 9.72
Kelley Cabbana Average Vote: 9.71
Carmen Valentina Average Vote: 9.64
Angelina Castro Average Vote: 9.58
Tasha Reign Average Vote: 9.55
Betty Bang XXX  Average Vote: 9.50

(Checks go out by the 10th of the month latest. Model must have 4 shows in calendar month and more than 50 votes in the month to win).

Everyone is a winner though! Do one show per week and your members can share in all the shows on the network! VNA Live is the best ongoing live content trade ever!

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Cuba’s best known adult export Angelina Castro ( & is proud to announce she is releasing her hit reality series ”Miami – Can You Get it Up?!”‘ exclusively for download on her Official Site. Always one to try something new, Castro got found porn wannabees who answered an advertisement she personally placed in Miami Craigslist. Four regular guys, Mark, Mathew, Luke & Lazaro were handpicked out dozens of applicants. On the spot, in front of a panel of judges, each applicant had to ”perform” on camera with the winner getting the right to shoot a scene with Castro.

Angelina Castro is quoted as saying: “I felt kind of bad for the guys...

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Cuban Breakfast

20130519_110556Every time I’m in Miami I have breakfast with Angelina, good thing it’s not too often! It’s tasty but oh so not good for you!

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Angelina’s Craigslist Series!

For Immediate Release: Miami & Hollywood


Never shy of controversy, Cuba’s best known adult star Angelina Castro ( & announces that she is shooting an all new adult reality series of videos called ”Miami – Can You Get it Up?” pulling her male ‘talent’ exclusively from complete newbies answering a Craigslist advertisement she placed (  The new reality show gives Craigslist applicants a shot at adult glory and the chance to personally shoot an adult scene with Castro.  The new series has already attracted significant mainstream attention in the Latino community...

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Meet Me at Adultcon 2013!

Just wanna let you know that you can meet me and the other VNA girls at Adultcon once again this year! This convention is only one time per year, so this is your chance, if you are anywhere within 100 miles of downtown Los Angeles I insist you come and see us! Come and get your picture taken with us, browse our gear: DVDs, 8×10’s, my pocket pussy, my blowup doll, my full size pussy and ass, our tshirts and hats, or just come hang out!

billboardConfirmed in our booth is:

  1. Vicky Vette
  2. Sara (come see her new boobs! They are awesome!)
  3. Shandafay (first time ever at Adultcon)
  4. Deauxma (Fri and Sat only)
  5. Francesca Le
  6. Carmen Valentina
  7. Gabby Quinteros
  8. Puma Swede
  9. Julia Ann (Milf of the Year)
  10. Sunny Lane
  11. Angelina (maybe)
  12. VNA LIVE MonicaMilf (all the way from Norway!)

This is one of the funnest things we do! We...

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You can pick your friends & you can pick your nose…..

You can pick your friends – and you can pick your nose, so why can’t you pick your friend’s nose?

Yeah Angelina didn’t think it was funny either, lol… she said it made her sick…


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As promised IPhone Pics from AVN

20130117_143431 BA6MdmECQAAKGT9.jpg BA6Mg_9CcAA9AWW BA8rHRFCEAATwNu IMG_0184 IMG_0199 IMG_0200 IMG_0202 IMG_0204 IMG_0208 IMG_0211Siri is so freakin hot!

IMG_0212Puma being PUMA!

IMG_0213 IMG_0222 IMG_0223 IMG_0224The 1980’s called! They wanted their hair back!

IMG_0226 IMG_0228 IMG_0230 IMG_0233 IMG_0235 IMG_0236 IMG_0237 IMG_0240 IMG_0243 IMG_0246 IMG_0247 img1 img2

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Nightmoves 2012

A fast paced 3 days, if I am this tired, I can only imagine how poor Tracy feels! Paul is in the hospital with a kidney stone, and she ended up doing her job and his too! Yeah we had a few minor fumbles, lol.. handing out the wrong awards on stage, not having the performers nearby when their name was called (they were at the bar, lol.. ) but overall it was great! Congratulations on a job well done Tracy. The microphones not working right were not your fault!

A couple of pics for ya!

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The VNA Girls Hit Adultcon – Thanks for the Fan Pictures

OMG this was the best Adultcon ever! We had a blast, I have 1200 pics to post on my site, from all 3 days and the afterparty at Saddleranch. I’m sooooo thrilled, this was the first time ever that I stayed on the bull right till the end! We even brought members and fans to eat with us!  If you’d like to join our community – we hang out with our members after the show so you can get to know us. Join (or any of the girls sites). We are interactive and want to get to know you! xo Vicky

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